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No more worries! After extensive reseach and scrupulous testings, we believe the Speed Screen™ Small Hole Gutter Guard is the best product for the best VALUE. We like it for the following reasons: 

  • Sturdy aluminum framing
  • Holes large enough holes to prevent overflow unlike micro-mesh competitors
  • Holes small enough to prevent most debri. 
  • The micro peices of debri that might pass through the guard will generally wash down the downspout. 


Comes WITH INSTALLATION. 1 quantity = 1 foot. You must order the correct number of feet and select the proper height of your gutters for accurate pricing. Please note: We cannnot install this product on gutters with strap hangers or gutters that are majorly warped. We may need to verify details before proceeding with installation. 

5" Speed Screen™ Small Hole With Installation

PriceFrom $3.15


    • Delivery to address within 15 mile radius - $30 or free on orders $300+
    • Delivery to address within 30 mile radius - $50 or free on orders $500+ 
    • Delivery to address over 30* miles - $100 or free on orders $1,000+ 
    • *Our website is set to only deliver to select locations. If you are outside our delivery circle, please call and we will try to help you.


    Expected Delivery

    • Most white supplies can usually be delivered within 1 - 7 days. 
    • Orders over $1000 can usually be delivered within 1 - 3 weeks. 
    • For orders less than $1000 please allow 6 - 8 weeks.
    • We buy in bulk after a set worth of orders have been placed. That’s why larger orders can be received sooner. 
    • Special colors may call for longer wait times. Please call for most current expected delivery.

      Return Policy: 

      Due to the nature of our service in being a “mobile business” delivering custom gutter supplies, we do not except returns or exchanges except for defective products. As buyer, you are responsible to inspect the items upon delivery and notify the delivery driver of defects immediately (before delivery driver leaves). 

      What is not considered a defect:

      Crazing or slight cracking as may occur on tightly roll-formed edges or brake bends and is acceptable as standard.

      Minor scratches or dings not readily visible from 15ft away. 

      Minor damages which are virtually inevitable from handling of aluminum products.

      Due to fluctuating inventory, some items may become unavailable before our website is updated. We do our best to prevent this, but in such case that an item has been ordered which is out of stock indefinitely, we will issue a refund for such items. Refunds may be issued by check, money order, cashier’s check via certified mail, or other means at our ability. 

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